Changing two worlds

Cambiando dos mundos



Health is one of the development pillars, it implicates on one hand the complete physical, mental and social welfare, and on the other hand the absence of illness. Health together with water is one of the basic pillars in the development of the countries that must guarantee the right for food and the right for an appropriate sanitary supply.

Among the analysis of the objectives of Development of the Millennium, we can see that almost the total of them have a direct relation with health, malnutrition, children’s mortality, maternal mortality, intervention in the fight against illness, the supply of drinking water and the access to basic medicines, among others.

Malnutrition is one of the biggest problems that currently affect a huge quantity of boys and girls younger than 5 years old. It is the first objective of the Objectives of Millennium Development, since in the world there exist 115 millions of children less than 5 years old with malnutrition, among them 30 million are in Africa.

Malnutrition affects the 33% of the children younger than 5 years old, a 20% of the newborn and the 51% of the children younger than 5 years old present sub normality in their growth.

Together to these physical problems, exists the problem of sub normality in the intellectual development and in the school, in the case of the adults, the reduction of the productive activity.

Comparative in terms of Health

Currently the health conditions and the differences among the diverse worlds are very big, and it is responsibility of all to begin working changing two worlds.[2].

[1] WHO. Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio relacionados con la salud. A64/11. Abril 2011.

[2] UNICEF. Informe Ethiopia 2011.

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