Changing two worlds

Cambiando dos mundos



What does it mean to be a collaborator partner?

Being a collaborator partner means to make yours the projects of Amigos de Silva, with your bit you contribute to reduce the distances between both worlds. With you we are better.

How can I be sure my money arrives?

Amigos de Silva is an DNGO declared of Public Use by the Monostry of Justice. Besides we carry out advising made by independent professionals from all our expenses. Revise section “efficient management” in our website to know more about it.

Does there a minimum donation quantity? And a maximum?

There isn’t a minimum quantity for donations. But as a reference we can say the complete treatment for children malnutrition rises currently to EUR 10,9. You can revise section “reasons to collaborate” to see some examples. Besides we inform you that the bank expenses by account charge is of EUR 0,1 per month.

In the case of maximum quantities, there isn’t any limit, since all the money the DNGO receives is destined to the fulfilling of its aims.

When is the donation charged in my account?

Between day 1 and 5 of each month

What happens if I can’t pay one month?

You simply inform us with some days in advance and we won’t charge you that month. If you don’t inform you the bank will charge us EUR 3,10 for returning the receipt.

Will I pay fewer taxes with my donation?

That is the best part, besides collaborating with the projects, you will be able to reduce a the 25% of your donation from your income taxes (IRPF), with the maximum established from the 10% of the realizable base, according to the law.

Can I change the amount of my donation in a given time?

Of course, you decide at any moment if according to your personal situation, you want to increase or reduce your collaboration.

Can I make a unique payment with credit card or transference?

It is very easy, if it is by credit card, you choose a project and click donate; if you want to make a transference, these are the account numbers:

Caixabank              ES87 2100 2217 6702 0024 2064

Bankia                    ES23 2038 1957 1660 0058 2229

Santander              ES51 0049 5119 1921 1709 4178

If you want a donation certificate don’t forget to provide us all your information. If you have any other question don’t forget to contact us.

Do I have any other obligation as a partner?

None. But if you want to collaborate more actively don’t forget you have the possibility to become a volunteer.

Can I help in other way than financially?

Yes, mainly helping us to spread our projects and the work we carry out in Ethiopia, whether using the social networks as Facebook, our videos in Youtube, in your personal circle…this simple gesture counts a lot.

Also in occasions, we collect medicines, children clothes and toys. But first of all contact us, since they are very punctual campaigns due to the high cost of transportation.

There really exist many possibilities:

If you have an empty store, an exhibition room, a famous friend willing to take a picture with one of our t-shirts, you have artistic talents or knowledge in graphic design; you want to donate part of your work time…..

Can I donate to the ONG, leave inheritances or legacies?

Yes, Amigos de Silva accepts donations, inheritances or legacies in benefit to our inventory destining the goods to achieve their goals. In the case of goods that can’t be destined to the purpose will carry out a valuation by an official valuer to proceed in that case to the selling at market price.

Can I anonymous donate?

Yes, you can do it in any of the previous ways, but remember, if you want to deduct the money from the taxes you must give us your personal information. These information fulfill the Organic law of Information protection.

Are the names of the partners published in any document?

No, the only session of information done is for tax office to carry out the donation certificates

What if I want to stop being a partner?

You can cancel your membership any time you want; we only ask you that if it is a problem from us to communicate us, so we can improve. 

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