Changing two worlds

Cambiando dos mundos



How can my company collaborate with the DNGO?

Amigos de Silva is open to any kind of collaboration with your company at financial level: in the case of financing from all or part of our projects, as in the session of a work, a design, reproduction rights, or any other possibility. Contact us and this way we will find a common beneficial way for both.

Has my company a tax deduction?

Of course, the quantities and works contributed by your company can be deducted in a 35% in the Tax of societies over the complete parcel with a maximum of 10% over the taxable base of the taxable period. The quantities that exceed this limit will be applicable in the taxable periods that conclude in the immediate and consecutive ten years according to Law 42/2002 from December 23rd.

Is effective the use of the resources?

One of the main values of Amigos de Silva is the business management of the resources, looking for a great coverage with the less economical cost. You will find in “efficient management” the annual audits, the reports and any other documentation so you can see the money effectively arrives.

Why choosing Amigos de Silva and no other DNGO?

Amigos de Silva directly executes all the projects over the area through the hiring of local companies and personnel with a permanent control over the money transferred from Spain.

The address of an expatriated allows identifying the real necessities and guaranteeing that the money is really used in what is necessary and with the maximum efficiency.

What does it mean to be a collaborator company?

It means combining your dreams with ours to shorten the distances between the two worlds participating in all our projects.

What kind of projects does Amigos de Silva?

Amigos de Silva carries our mainly infrastructure projects of water as of health, with the purpose of increasing the access to drinking water and improving the health attention of the population with a win-win relation with the government, which is in charge of the management of the infrastructures guaranteeing the sustainability of the projects in the future.

How can my employees collaborate?

The collaboration formulas with the employees of the companies depend on the agreements signed. We are open to any kind of suggestion.

What can I do to spread Amigos de Silva?

You can spread it from a simple communication to the employees, passing by the repercussion in the company of the activities and events of Amigos de Silva, as of the carrying out of any activity of awareness. Contact us to plan it.

Can I as a company include the DNGO projects in our RSC memory?

Amigos de Silva of course helps the ones that help. If you with your donation have made true the construction of water well, collaborate in the construction of the hospital, we will support you in the spread of it with the purpose of your RSC in and out of your company. 

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