Changing two worlds

Cambiando dos mundos



Ethiopia is the second most populated country of Africa, located in the Africa’s horn; adjoining the north with Eritrea, the south with Kenia, the east with Somalia and Djibouti, and the west with Sudan and South Sudan.

[1]It is politically a Federal Democratic Republic, which territory is divided in nine administrative regions based on the different existing ethnic groups. Its capital is Addis Ababa.

In Ethiopia are spoken 74 languages, being the official language of the country Amharic. In the main cities or touristic centers English is much spread.

One of the main problems of the country is the lack of access to the sea. Since the independence of Eritrea, Ethiopia doesn’t have access to the sea. The import of the main part of the necessary goods they consume is made through the port of Djibouti, which together with the 800 kilometers in truck until the Addis Abeba customs considerably increases the cost.

[1] Fuente: Wikipedia

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