Changing two worlds

Cambiando dos mundos


Annual letter

2011 will be recognized at global level due to the alimentary crisis that the Africa horn faces and that affects specially to Ethiopia and Somalia.

Amigos de Silva has made its contribution with the Nutrition program that is carrying out since two years in the refugee’s camp of Assayita, attending boys and girls, pregnant women, unweaned babies and elderly with alimentary deficiencies.

The serious consequences malnutrition causes in boys and girls, especially younger than 5 years old can mean a great delay in their development, a bone loss and even in a 58% causes a death.

To stop the malnutrition problem, are specially attended pregnant women and unweaned babies, to be able to reduce the main problems originated by the malnutrition in the two most important moments of the children’s development.

The nutritional attention in the case of the elderly with alimentary deficiencies, are out of the traditional standards of the nutrition programs. Amigos de Silva has wanted to include them to the Nutrition program, since they represent the head of the family, they share their food with their kids and their grandchildren to the detriment of their personal necessities.

The fight against this malnutrition must come with improving the access and quality of the water, especially when we are in the poorest and hottest region in Ethiopia.

Diarrhea unfortunately outstands as the first death cause in younger than 5 years old. About 400.000 children die every year in Ethiopia due to the consumption of bad condition waters.

Together with the Nutrition programs and Water programs, the inauguration of the new hospital of Assayita District has meant the inclusion of 3 doctors to the facilities that during the last 4 years have been rehabilitating Amigos de Silva. Services such as the admission of the pacients and the specialized treatment have been absent in this town in the last 70 years, having the patients to move to other towns like Desse, located at 450 kilometers to receive the necessary medical assistance.

The effort of all the people that have collaborated in any way with Amigos de Silva has been useful to be able to introduce you with proud this 2011 work.

In Amigos de Silva we can state that money comes and thanks to it we can continue developing all our/your projects.

Paco Moreno — President

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