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certain affinity Order Slimfast Online with medicine." Subscriptions of members may be addressed to the general secre- tary of the congress at Madrid,. or the secretary for the United States, Dr. Huddlestone, whose ad- dress is given above. Principal School. The Fourteenth International Slimfast Price Congress of Med- Buy Slimfast Online icine. — Notice has just been issued that special reductions have been made for members of the next International Medical Congress, which will Slimfast 123 Plan be held at Madrid Purchase Slimfast next year, of 50 per cent, on all tickets purchased over the Northern Railroad of Spain, the Madrid, Saragossa & Alicante Railroad, the French railroads, tlie Italian Navigation Com- panies of Puglia, of Naples, and of Sicily, and a discount of 33^ per cent, on tickets purchased from the Spanish Transatlantic line. It is ex- pected that similar concessions will Slimfast Australia be made by #f final letos. Infectious Diseases in New York: We are indebted to the Sanitary Bureau of the Health Di- partment for the follounng statement of cases and deaths reported for the two weeks ending Buy Cheap Slimfast August jo, jpo^.- Typhoid fever Scarlet fever Cercbro-spinal meningitis. Diplitheria and Croup. Small-pox .... Tuberculosis Weekend'g Aug. 23 Cases. Deaths. Weeic end'g Aug. Slimfast 123 30 Cases. Deaths. Army Intelligence: Official List of Changes in the Stations and Duties of Of- ficers serving in the Medical Department of the United Slimfast Tablets States Army for the Two Weeks ending August 30, 1902: Ch.\se, Alpha M., Contract Surgeon, will proceed to Fort Reno, Oklahoma Territory, for duty. Clayton, Jeremiah B., First Lieutenant and Assistant Sur- geon. The leave of absence granted him is extended fifteen days. HoGUE, GuSTAVUS I.. Contract Surgeon, will report in person to the commanding general. Department of California. for duty in Slimfast Cheap that department. Many, H.^ery C, Contract Surgeon. Upon his arrival at Fort Slocum, N. Y., will proceed to Fort Riley, Kansas. Porter. Lewis B.. Contract Surgeon, will report in person to the commanding general. Department of California, for duty in that department. PicRNELL, Harry S., First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon, is detailed as a member of the examining board at Columbus Barracks, Ohio, vice Guy L. Edie, Major and Surgeon, relieved. Sears, C. Edward, Contract Surgeon, will report to the Purchase Slimfast Online com- manding officer at Fort Niobrara, Nebraska, The Slimfast Diet for duty. Shepherd, John M., Contract Surgeon. The leave of ab- sence granted him is extended one month. Smith, Allen M., Captain and Assistant Surgeon, is granted leave of absence for fifteen days. TiGNOR, Edwin P., Contract Surgeon. The leave of absence granted him is extended Cheap Slimfast Products ten days. ToRNEY. George Slimfast Meals H., Major and Surgeon, will proceed to Little Order Slimfast Rock, Slimfast Snack Bars Arkansas, to confer with the United States Slimfast Canada Attorney for the eastern district of Slimfast Cost Arkansas, on official business pertaining to the Hot Springs Reservation. Public Health and Slimfast Shaker Marine-Hospital Service Health Reports : The following cases of smallpox, yellow fever, cholera, and plague were reported to the surgeon-general during the week ending August 30, igoi: Smallpox — United States. California San Francisco. . .Aug. 10-17 8 cases. " ' 1 case. 3 4 cases.

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