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person will never have a total healthy consciousness. Memory differs in each individual, and this is due to the fact that it is developed in certain directions, al- though the memory for various objects may be fully developed while the individual is paying particular attention to developing the memory in other direc- tions ; for some people have no trouble in recogniz- ing persons by the sound of their voices, others by the footstep or by facial expression. If these facts are borne in mind we shall have little difficulty in understanding partial amnesia. One of the most interesting points in psychologi- cal study is the manner in which memory is lost and regained. We know that, in progressive amnesia, probably due to organic disease, the memory for re- cent events is the first to disappear, and that gradu- ally, as the deterioration of the cerebral centres in- creases, memory for past events is destroyed and the individual becomes a hopeless dement. If memory 368 LEIGH: NUTRITIVE INFUSIONS. [N. Y. Med. Jour.. returns, the important event relating to self that was last forgotten is the first to return, and the first one forgotten Glycomet Sr 500 is the last to be recalled. It is true in every form of amnesia, that memory is regained in an inverse manner to that in which it is lost. It is evident that the amnesic Glycomet 500mg state in the case Glycomet Gp 2 re- ported was produced hy the excessive use of al- cohol. NUTRITIVE INFUSIONS.* By SOUTHGATE LEIGH, M. D., NORFOLK, VA., VISITING SURGEON TO ST. VINCENT'S HOSPITAL. In Glycomet Price recent Glycomet 500 years the work of our profession has been directed Buy Metformin Online more and more toward the treatment of desperate cases, both medical and surgical, and as a result the lives in many such are saved. In cases formerly considered absolutely hopeless the patients are now kept going for hours and days, and Glycomet 500 Sr some of them recover. We are realizing more and more that death, as well as life, is uncertain, and that human knowledge of such matters is often more so. We try to believe that all our patients are going to recover, and that very belief stimulates us to extreme efforts. In the treatment of desperate cases, where the Glycomet 850 stomach is too weak to absorb medicine Glycomet Gp or too irri- tated to retain it, we feel safe in injecting the most powerful drugs into the circulation, where we know they will Buy Metformin act thoroughly and promptlv. The next important life saver is rectal alimenta- tion. With good nursing a patient may be kept alive for weeks without the introduction of any- thing into the stomach, all food and stimulants being given, the former through the Glycomet Sr bowels, and the latter hypodermically. We all meet with such experiences and we all feel that without such "artificial" treat- Glycomet 850 Mg ment, some of our most important cases would Glycomet Gp2 be lost. In my own practice I can recall five successful cases in the last two years, in each one of which the patient was sustained for four weeks without any feeding by Glycomet 250 the mouth. Besides these, I recall a large number which were treated in this way for shorter periods of time. Such work requires the most skill- ful nursing as well as most cautious medical treat- ment. At times, however, we meet with cases in which hypodermic stimulation and rectal feeding are carried on with the utmost care and patience, and yet the bowel, after a few feedings, becomes re- bellious and rejects Glycomet 500 Mg its contents. Especially is this apt to be the case when the patient is delirious. What are we to do in these extreme cases? Can we not tide the patient over a few days, until the rectum * before the Tri-State Association at Aslieville, N. C. February. 1902. has become quieted down? It is for such cases as these that we need some other way of nourishing the system. In the last few years much has been accomplished by the injection of salt water under the skin ; Glycomet Gp1 but so far as I can discover, Glycomet 1gm no practical method has been devised for infusing nutritive materials. The trans- fusion of blood from one person to another was re- sorted to as early as the fifteenth century, and we read in the Life and Times of Savonarola that, in 1492, blood was transfused from a youthful subject to the veins of the old pontiff. Innocent VIII, though without good effect. In the seventeenth century many experiments were made with transfusion, both on the lower animals and on human subjects, and some results were fatal. And in the last century the injection Glycomet Tablet of blood was advocated by Xussbaum, Panum, Roussel, and Macewen. In all of these ex- periments blood, either pure or defibrinated, was in- jected directly into the veins of the patient. But the use of these infusions, on account of such attendant dangers as sepsis and the formation of thrombi, has never proved of practical value and has for years past been altogether abandoned. In 1848, Sir Spencer Wells injected salt solution, with temporary benefit, into the veins of some chol- era patients. And in the eighties saline infusions came into practical use and were strongly advocated by both Jennings and Hunter. Since that time this procedure has been more and more prominent in the treatment Glycomet Tablets of various conditions of collapse and disease, while, in the past two years, the tendency

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