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Postoperative Leucocytosis. — Dr. Herbert Maxon King {Transactions of the Chicago Patho- logical Society, May 12 and June 9, 1902) arrives at the following conclusions as the resuit of observa- tions made to establish a standard of leucocytosis in nonseptic postoperative wound repair, a departure from which would indicate sepsis : 1. An increase of from 5,000 to 10,000 leucocytes per cm. following operation in from six to thirty-six, or even forty-eight hours, is a normal postoperative condition, provided it is not sustained. 2. Probably the maximum leucocytosis in the ma- joritv of cases occurs within the first twelve hours after operation, and is very transient. 3. The leucocytosis in the normal reparative proc- ess bears but slight relation to the pulse and tem- ])erature. 4. finpecia 1 mg A leucocytosis of 10,000, or more, above the individual normal, sustained for more than a few hours, may be looked upon with suspicion. 5. The apparent increase in number of erythro- cytes following operation is not catised bv an actupl increase of red cells in the circulating blood. 36o VERGIl: K.lDlOniAGNOSlS UP cheap finpecia TRAUMATIC PERIOSTITIS. [\. y. Med. Jour., RADIODIAGXOSIS OF A CASE OF TRAU- MATIC PERIOSTITIS. By CHARLES VERGE. M. D., nUEBEC, CANADA. The acconipaiiyinj,'- radio},M-a])li rcj^resents a tvp- ical case of periostitis as affecting the first phalaii.x of the fifth finger after the knocking of finpecia hair loss the latter against a very finpecia online liard Imciy. finpecia uk I'ain was actually very characteristically defined. This contusion, though of a finpecia cipla serious nature at first, has not developed any suijpurative complication, and recovery is now cer- tain without the danger of necrosis to be finpecia 1mg where to buy finpecia feared, the ])atient, on the finpecia cost other hand, having no tubercu- lous tendency or heredity to interfere with a favor- able prognosis. The length of exposure was one finpecia buy minute, using a purchase finpecia self-regulating high vacuum tube. worked by my 8-plate static apparatus. pronounced on pressure even se\'eral nionilis af- ter the injury took place, /. c, at the time the patient was taken to my office to be placed under the rays. The infi;.nimat(irv ni<;usities arc lirre clearh and GYX^COLOGY AND THE COUNTRY DOCTOR.* By J.\MES HAWLEY BURTEXSHAW, M. D., NEW YORK, buy finpecia online ADJUNCT PROFESSOR OF GYN.SCOI-OGV AT finpecia online pharmacy THE NEW YORK POLYCLINIC MEDICAL SCHOOL AND HOSPITAL. So far as we are permitted to know, it was never planned by a wise and beneficent Providence that e\ery general practitioner of medicine should be an buy finpecia uk expert gynaecologist, but it sureh must have been included in tht general scheme of usefulness that, when occasion demanded he at least finpecia india should be in posses- sion of superficial knowledge concerniag the' whys and wherefores of genital lesions and be prepared to institute a l)roper course of treatment. I would not have it understooc that finpecia price I advocate the dipping into this specialty by ever_\ general practitioner who has lime to spend or patients will- ing to be experimented on. On the contrary, those located within convenient call of i gynecological specialist, in a city or large town, for instance, would do better to employ their time along different lines : but it is the legion of country doctors, for the most part ab- sohiUh dei)endent on their own knowledge and skill, tc which finpecia canada this should apply. Everyone knows that the family doctor in finpecia fda a country dis- trict possess and be ready to appl\ more varied knovvl edge than tne city order finpecia doctor, and he is not to bo blamed if. of necessity, certain phases of this knowledge are not distributed in equal proportion with the • Read I.cforc the Fiftli District Br.inch of the Xcw York St.. August 30. 1902

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