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fiir kliniscne Medicin, Lxxiii [Festband fiir Kuss- niaul]; Centralblatt fiir innere Medicin, August 9th) . At Heidenhain's clinic, in Worms, a diagnosis of tumor of the right cipralex price india temporal lobe was made, al- though the patient's only manifestation of pressure effects was paresis of the inferior branch of the facial nerve of the left side. An operation was performed, and the tumor, a melanosarcoma, was found to be practically coextensive with the temporal lobe, which consequently was removed entire. The disturbances following this extensive mutilation cipralex 20 mg 56 tablet coming off 10mg cipralex were wonder- fully slight. Immediately after the operation there was total right hemiplegia, but at the end of five weeks only traces of cipralex 15 mg biverkningar it remained. Except for doubt- ful hemianopsia, no abnormity was observable. The patient was discharged in two months and a half from the time of the operation and remained entirely well for a week longer, when he rather suddenly died comatose. NEiyS ITEMS. (\. V. Meu. Jovk IJftos Jtcms. A Chair of Colonial Medicine lias been estab- lished in the University of Bordeaux, France, and Marseilles has been made the seat of a military school of colonial cipralex⬠10/- 20 mg filmtabletten medicine. Cholera Quarantine has been established by Italy against Egypt, although so far the cholera in Egypt has been confined to the interior. The regulations promulgated place passengers cipralex 15 mg hinta arriv- ing from Egyptian ports under sanitary surveil- lance, but do not take the form of isolation and se- questration. Health Department Censured. — A committee of the upper house of the Kansas City, Mo., coun- cil was recently appointed to investigate the man- ner in which the affairs of the health department were conducted. As a result of the investigation cipralex 20 mg fiyat the committee made a report severely censuring the methods used, particularly in regard to small- pox quarantine. Honors for a Physician in High Office. — Dr. Bacelli, who is the 10 20 mg cipralex Minister of Agriculture in the Italian Government, has been presented with a sumptuous cipralex 10 mg insomnia and artistic shield in token of cipralex 10mg weight loss the grat- itude of the agricultural interests for the benefits conferred by him in the discovery of a cure for aphtha epizootica. Prince Felix Borghese made the presentation. Interstate Reciprocity in Medical Licensing.— The Alaine Board of Registration of 15 mg cipralex Medicine at its recent examination of candidates, according to the Journal of Medicine and Science, registered in reciprocity with the State of New Jersey without ex- amination. Dr. L. F. Bishop, of New York. Thirty- one candidates successfully passed the examination, and were registered as physicians and surgeons. Tne California Board of Medical Examiners at its recent meeting in San Francisco elected the following officers : Dr. David Powell of Marys- ville, president; Dr. Dudley Tait of San Fran- cisco, vipe-president ; Dr. C. C. Gere of San Fran- cisco, secretary, and Dr. Tisdale of Alameda, treasurer. Forty-four applicants were examined as to their qualifications for licenses to practice medicine in the State. The Lincoln Hospital is the new name adopted for the cipralex 20 mg tablet Colored Home and Hospital in Forest avenue, between One Hundred cipralex farmaco generico and Forty-first and One Hun- dred and Forty-second streets, permission having been granted by a justice of the Supreme Court to drop the original title and assume the new name. The reason alleged by the trustees for asking for a change of name, was that the word "colored"' caused a preju- dice which prevented many white people from com- ing there, although there was a number of such pa- can take 30 mg cipralex tients always in the hospital. It was thought that a change of name would obviate this difficulty. Surgeon to the President. — Dr. George Augus- tus Lung, surgeon, United States Navy, has been selected precio de cipralex 15 mg by the Navy Department for duty as Sur- geon to the President, to succeed Dr. John F. LTrie, who was made Assistant Chief of the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery. Dr. Lung entered the naval service in 1888, and was born in New York. His excellent record and active service com- mended him to the cual generico cipralex Navj- Department for his new assignment. He is now on waiting orders in Xev,- York, getting off cipralex 10mg having been detached from active service last December. Cholera in Manila. — Cable reports from Manila dated .\ugust 16, state that there are but few cast- of cholera in Manila on that date, but that ther.- were a large number in the provinces. The total number of cases reported to date is 23,636, with 17,596 deaths. Estimating the cases which have not been reported to the authorities, the total number is believed to have reached 30,000. Mail advices from Manila will be found in another item in this department, and also in a letter from our regular correspondent which is printed else- where. American Dermatological Society. — The twen- ty-sixth annual meeting will be held at the Hotel Bellevue, Boston, on September i8th, 19th and 20th. The business meeting will convene at 9 cipralex 20 mg tabletten on the morning of Thursday, generika f𴱘r cipralex the i8th, and the scientific session will convene an hour later. The programme includes the foUowinp^ papers : Ad-

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